Cold Room Door-Professional Freezer Room,Cold Room Manufacturer

Cold room door is the entryway to cold room, it is crucial to maintain the inside condition stable and keep the cold room safe. CAS GYW has 15 years of experiences in designing and manufacturing hinged, sliding and swing type cold room doors. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing up to the standard rapid rolling doors to maintain hygiene environments. And built-in flexible magnetic strip compensates minor sealing error and ensures no air disturbance. All our cold room doors are made with the CFC-free insulated PU panel, stainless steel or galvanized steel that meet EC/USDA international hygiene standards, they are are available in customized sizes and structure for temperature ranges from -36°C to 10°C. It has the characteristics of perfect sealing, reliable, safe and easy to operate manual or automatically.

Product typeCold Storage Door , Cold Room Door
Applicable temperature– 45 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
Sealing stripconfigured according to different types of doors
Door panelconfigure according to different types of doors
Door frameconfigure according to different types of doors
FeaturesHigh pressure resistance, moisture-proof, airtight, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, environmental protection
Heat exchange areaaccording to customer requirements
Cooling capacityaccording to customer requirements
OEM / ODMvery welcome
Customcustomized according to customer needs
Sizeaccording to customer requirements for design and production
Weightsubject to the actual delivery
Shell materialConfigure according to customer’s demand
Applicable environmentcold storage, freezing room, high temperature box, all kinds of food processing workshop, air conditioning constant temperature
workshop, cold storage and buffer room of logistics cold storage