Freezer Room

Freezer room (also called blast freezer, shock freezer) is a kind of cold room with lower storage temperature from  -40°C to -10°C, it is equipped with more thicker doors, PU panels and more powerful condensing units than cool room. Freezer room addresses cold storage concerns of storing material reliably at consistently low temperature and fast cooling speed, so it can keep such stored products like sea food, meat or ice scream in fresh quality. The microorganism that affects the quality of food will be refrained or killed in the extremely cold environment inside freezer rooms with temperature less than -18°C. The blast freezer can be quick freezing of stored products from +70°C to -18°C in less than 4 hours to keep the food in fresh conditions. Freezer rooms are widely used in food industry like restaurants, catering unit, bakeries and ice-cream parlors, etc. Our innovative, high quality freezer rooms have the significant advantages of versatility, adaptability, energy efficiency, easy to use. CAS GYW is the turn key freezer room solution supplier, all our blast freezers can be customized to satisfy your cold storage requirements with any sizes.

Seed Cold Storage Warehouse Excerpt

The required temperature to store seeds is 4°C (39°F) or lower. This will help to maintain the quality of the seeds and prevent spoilage. Anything higher than this, the seeds will get discolored and will lose valuable nutrients. Unfortunately, reducing the temperature of the storage facility after it has risen more than 4°C (39°F) will not cure the damage that has already been done.  walk-in storage facility

Medical Cold Storage

For medicines with quality not preservable under room temperature conditions, refrigerating them at low temperature will retain their quality, keep them effective and extend their shelf life. The sheet material of the medicine cold storage uses modern high-tech flame-retardant insulation materials which has excellent airtightness. CASGYW's medicine cold storage follows design norms and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.  walk-in storage facility


Fruit cold rooms and vegetable cold storage rooms are essential components of the food industry, aiding in the preservation and maintenance of the quality and freshness of fruits and vegetables. These specialized storage facilities are designed to control temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors to prolong the shelf life of these perishable goods. Preserving fruits and vegetables can be quite an enormous task if you don’t have the right machine or systems to do so. These products are sensitive and delicate. They require certain temperatures to remain fresh and suitable for consumption.  walk-in storage facility


As soon as potatoes and onions are harvested, they start ageing. If they are not stored in a suitable atmosphere, they will get damaged within a few days. The best way to preserve them is to store them in a properly ventilated room with the right temperature.  walk-in storage facility


The advantage of installing a Controlled Atmosphere cold room system is to manage the ambient of the warehouse and reduce the oxygen level. The system will also be responsible for increasing the carbon dioxide levels to ensure that your products are fresh and suitable for consumption. This system will be very helpful to preserve vegetables and fruits. The system will reduce the quick ripening of fruits by reducing the level of oxygen that will be dispatched within the warehouse.  walk-in storage facility


The best temperature to store your fish is -4°F (-20°C). The temperature will keep your fish preserved and suitable for consumption for a long time. It will be suitable to prepare sushi, sashimi or any other fish delicacy. However, if you buy in large quantity, the best place to save your fish is in a blast freezer. This will allow cool air to circulate the fish and keep it fresh.  walk-in storage facility


Usually the temperature dropped below -18 ℃, the food freezing rate was high, the microorganisms and enzymes basically stopped moving and growing, and the oxidation was also very slow. Therefore, the food can be stored for a longer period of time and has better frozen quality. In addition, frozen food also requires that the temperature in the storehouse be relatively stable. Excessive temperature fluctuations will cause spoilage of the food.  walk-in storage facility


Storage of milk and other dairy products is a little bit more sensitive. These products require constant and excellent protection to avoid any kind of deterioration of the quality of the product. Usually, dairy products contain microorganism that makes it almost impossible to use these products for a long period without proper storage.  walk-in storage facility


Foodstuff must be stored properly or else they will get ruined. Effective storage of foodstuff is very important to avoid huge losses. The only way to keep your food items fresh is to purchase a high-quality frozen storage cold room. We don't just build freezers; we also manufacture the best-frozen food storage warehouses  walk-in storage facility

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