Heat Pump Rotary Compressor

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The heat pump unit has a very broad development prospect and is also a very green air conditioning system, in line with the future development trend of the air conditioning industry, and is well worth choosing. Heat pump rotary unit can be applied to drying, hot water, industrial, agricultural, chemical, and other scenarios. Heat pump rotary compressor as the core component of heat pump unit, the application in dehumidifier, heat pump water heater, heat pump dryer has been relatively mature, in the heat pump heating, freezing and refrigeration and other fields of application scale is also expanding. For more heat pump rotary compressor details, contact Casgyw now!

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General Details
Casgyw rotary compressor manufacturers were established in May 2006, covering a total area of 96,000 square meters, not only that but the factory is also equipped with complete rotary compressor research and development center and advanced rotary compressor testing equipment, to ensure that mass production can be.
In addition, the factory is equipped with a complete rotary compressor R&D center and advanced rotary compressor testing equipment, which ensures higher mass production and high R&D capability.
Rotary Air Conditioner compressor, with its excellent performance and small size, has rapidly occupied the market share of household air-conditioning compressors and become the leader in rotary air conditioner compressors. However, the rotary air conditioner compressor is not very effective in the large-capacity air conditioner market, so there is a phenomenon that both rotary compressor and scroll compressor co-exist in the air conditioner compressor field. Contact us now to choose your perfect air conditioner compressor!

Factory Strength :

We are rotary compressor manufacturers who keep up with the market, we know more about your needs, so we can do a better job than others for rotary compressor customization. Our strong production capacity and senior R&D managers can help you to customize your rotary compressor faster.
In terms of product testing, Casgyw actively promotes the promotion of international product refrigeration certification, has passed China’s high-tech enterprise certification, IATF16949 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, CCC certification, CE certification, UL certification, ROHS certification, REACH, and other certifications to ensure the Casgyw rotary compressor performance is reliable, Send your inquiry now!

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Strong Support

As managers of rotary compressor manufacturers, we often remind ourselves and often ask ourselves, “If you were a purchaser of a rotary compressor, what support would you most like from rotary compressor manufacturers? ”
Price, quality, technology, installation instructions, responsiveness, on-time delivery, etc., and probably a lot of factory support, including marketing of rotary compressor.
With every rotary compressor customer, we ask you what kind of help we need. We’ll do our best to help you get it right and to protect your interests. Contact us now!


Best Service :

On-time delivery, perfect one-stop purchasing, guaranteed after-sales service, we improve our service content from multiple perspectives.
As a qualified rotary compressor manufacturer, we put customer satisfaction in the first place, good reputation is the vitality of rotary compressor manufacturers, which is a virtuous cycle, so we are non-emphasis on the construction of factory reputation.
We are willing to do our best to exchange 100% effort for your satisfaction. Contact us now!


Wide Application :

Production, research, and development, inspection, this is a benign closed-loop control. Casgyw scroll compressor manufacturers actively promote various certification tests for scroll compressors to ensure that every compressor that reaches your market is a high-quality product.
Casgyw scroll compressor manufacturer has successively passed CCC, CQC, CE, CRAA, UL, CB, INMETRO, ISI, RoHS & Reach, and other domestic and foreign product certifications.
In terms of management, we have also obtained TüV’s ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system certifications. These authorities Certification is the guarantee and witness of the perfect quality of Casgyw scroll compressors.