R404A Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor

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In this catalogue, we introduce you to semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor technology. The products are widely used inpetroleum, chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, marine and leisure faciliies and other fields. As a refrigeration expert in themanufacture and production of refrigeration compressors for more than 50years, we develop, design and manufacture refrigeration>ompressors that are known for their practicalty, reliability and eficiency. In terms of technological innovation, component versatilitand product energy efficiency, it is at the international first-class level. We hope that we iniect great enthusiasm into our products andcontribute to your success.

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R404A Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW,All sports pairs in the series adopt patented nano coating technology, whichmakes the product operate more safely and reliably in a short oil shortage state,The high displscement product adopts a patented thee bearing suppert structuredesign, which greatly impeoves the foece state on the motor ratar side, mnakingthe compressoe operation moe stable and reliable.

The suction filter structure of the high displacement product adopts a patented andexternal large capacity suction filter structure, which is easy to disassemible andclean, reducing the cost of compressor use and meintenance, and improving therelisbility of coenpressor operabon.
Efficient and energysaving rnator design, using high-perfoxrsnce and low iron losscoated silicon stecl sheets, mndowing the motor wth strong cverload resistance:using domestically pioneered products, all series of motors adopt gap fit, makingon-site motor replacement and maintenance easy and feasible.The product structure of the entire series is copact, with a high degree ofstandardization, streng univnsality of components, siooth operation of products.and low notse.

Factory Strength :

Smart factories are mainly reflected in intelligent production equipment, a good innovation environment, and flexible management systems.
As a top manufacturer of piston compressors in China, we have strong production and innovation capabilities and can work with you to develop piston compressors

Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor


R404A Semi Hermetic Compressor ,The aluminum spark pairs in this series adopt advanced nano coating technology, making the products operate safer and more reliable in short oil conditions!
This highly dispersed product adopts a patented three bearing support structure, greatly improving the force on the rotor side and making the operation of the compressor more stable and reliable.

Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor

Model Description :

Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor

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Good cooperation starts with good service. We value our service to our global compressor customers, including after-sales support, extra-long warranty support, technical support, drawing support, promotion support, marketing support, sample support, etc. Contact Casgyw immediately!
Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor


R404A Semi Hermetic Compressor ,The entire series of air valve structures are introduced with international advanceddesign, adopting the Helbige valve plate group. Among them, the largedisplacement products adopt a patented circular air valve structure, whichmaximizes the area of the valve plate suction and exhaust channels, The entireseres is equipped with a new type of anti liquid shock cylinder head, greatlyimproving the product’s anti liquid shock ability, making the product more energysaving and efficient

Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor

Semi Hermetic Compressor CASGYW Refrigeration Compressor

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The most popular applications of our refrigeration screw compressor are as follows: