Mcdonald’s walk-in freezer in Sri Lanka

Mcdonald’s walk-in freezer in Sri Lanka

Mcdonald’s walk-in freezer in Sri Lanka offers everything you need to keep your restaurant’s perishable inventory secure at the proper frozen temperature. This walk in freezer boasts a rugged, high-performance design intended for years of trouble-free use. The walk in freezer features a self-contained refrigeration unit with an automatic condensate evaporator that doesn’t require any plumbing, offering you big savings on the services of plumbers and technicians.


Use this walk in freezer to store large quantities of food at a safe holding temperature. Storing food at the proper temperature can help prevent your ingredients from spoiling too quickly, saving you money on wasted products. With insulated walls and a durable construction, this walk-in freezer is an efficient, long-lasting addition to your establishment.

Inquiry for Mcdonald’s Walk-in Freezer

Customer info: This walk in freezer room is for Mcdonald.
Order info: 18.7x7x4m dimension. Walk in freezer and cooler, 100mm PU panels and 150mm PU panel with 0.6mm Galvanized steel. Hinged door with Aluminum plate.

Condensing Unit for Mcdonald’s Walk-in Freezer

  • Original new Bitzer compressor, Gas R404A, R507, etc
  • World famous brand components: Schneider, Emerson, Castel, etc
  • No leakages, 2.8MPa pressure test through out production, excelent workmanship
  • Power saving design

Air Cooled Condenser for Mcdonald’s Walk-in Freezer

  • Cabinet is steel plate with plastic spray, corrosion proof
  • Mechanically expanded pipes with Aluminium fins, external fans, better heat transfer and durable
  • Tested in 2.8MPa gas pressure, no any potential leakage
  • Nitrogen blow away all Pollution in pipe system, ensuring longer lifetime

Standard Evaporator for Mcdonald’s Walk-in Freezer

  • Cabinet of magnalium steel, corrosion-proof
  • Fin space: 4.5mm, 6.0mm and 9.0mm
  • Stainless steel heater, defrosting evenly
  • Mechanically expanded pipes with Aluminium fins





What is the suitable height of cold room?

The height of room ceiling decides the maximum height of cold room. Small cold room we often suggest 2.3~2.8m. Big cold storage we suggest 3~5m.

If we use forklift, can the cold room floor use PU panel?

No. The compressive strength of PU panel is smaller than 200kpa, too weak to suffer heavy forklift. So we suggest XPS floor, with 350kpa compressive strength.

Could you arrange engineers to my country to install my big project?

Yes. We can appoint our engineer overseas. But you should provide accommodation, food and install equipment.

What is the daily power consumption?

Some factors such as environment temperature, entering temperature, products quantity are objective, hard to be changed. But we can provide you with good insulation panels and high quality refrigeration units. These will reduce your daily power consumption.

Why we stick to use original new compressor?

New original compressor has high efficiency and can save some power. What’s more important, it can ensure more than 20 years lifetime.

Why the PU panel fireproofing become more important nowadays?

More and more Pu panel catches fire because the PU panel doesn’t fireproofing. Cold storage once fire will cause property loses, more importantly, non-fireproofing PU panel will hurt people.

Why does the PU panel quality so important?

Good quality PU panel can help the cold room keep good insulation that will reduce at least 20% annual energy loss. Also, good quality Pu panel can ensure more than 20 years lifetime.