Medical Cold Storage Project show

Project Mainly Involve Products

Medical cold storage, Used for medical equipment testing and drug storage

Customer background

A leading domestic in vitro diagnostic company integrating R&D, production, sales, service, and pathological diagnosis technology education and training.

Customer Demand

128 square meters, divided into 7 cold storage + buffer compartments

Characteristics of the project

The cold storage is equipped with 2 sets of completely independent refrigeration units, one for use and the other for backup (the same configuration for 2 sets of systems), each of which needs to include compressors, condensers, evaporators, various copper pipes, cables, refrigeration accessories, etc., two sets The units can run in turn, switch automatically when failure occurs, and automatically activate the standby unit when over-temperature occurs. With automatic timing and forced defrost functions, the storage temperature is evenly controlled. The pressure refrigeration unit must guarantee a safety margin of 10% to 15% on the basis of the required refrigeration capacity. The monitoring system can observe the temperature of each warehouse at any time, understand and record the deviation between the current temperature and the set temperature. With temperature upper limit and lower limit alarm function. Automatically start or stop the operation of the cold storage.

Features and Advantages of Installing CASGYW’S Medicine Cold Storage

1. The medicine cold storage designed and installed by CASGYW  has many advantages such as storage, quick-freezing, fast fresh-keeping refrigeration, complete functions, energy-saving, etc. and uses the most advanced low-noise evaporative fans to ensure that the lowest energy consumption of the main unit achieves the highest efficiency.

2. For the refrigeration control system, we use fully automated microcomputer electrical control technology that does not require manual operation to monitor and record the temperature and humidity in the storage area. It has intelligent computer temperature control and a temperature and humidity recorder (with alarm device) within the high-precision temperature sensor. The temperature in the warehouse can be set freely within a range of +2℃~+8℃. The fully automated temperature stabilizer and automatic power switch, both of which do not require manual operation, as well as the digital temperature display ensure the safe storage of goods inside the warehouse. It can also meet long-term monitoring requirements while being used. If it detects that the temperature or humidity has reached the upper or lower limit, the device will light and sound the alarm.

3. The cold storage is equipped with two units to ensure that when the unit commonly used stops working during a breakdown, the operation of the standby unit will not affect medicines, vaccines and related products inside the warehouse.

4. The refrigeration equipment uses imported components and high-quality materials, which are strictly inspected before leaving the factory. It is low-noise, energy-saving and operationally reliable.

5. The control system uses a fully intelligent microcomputer with automatic detection. The high-precision sensor recorder (with alarm device) has an SMS alarm function, monitors and records the temperature and humidity in the storage area and is capable of meeting long-term monitoring requirements. If it detects that the temperature or humidity has reached the set upper or lower limit, the device will light and sound the alarm.

Medicine Cold Storage Types

For medicines with quality not preservable under room temperature conditions, refrigerating them at low temperature will retain their quality, keep them effective and extend their shelf life. The sheet material of the medicine cold storage uses modern high-tech flame-retardant insulation materials which has excellent airtightness.CASGYW’s medicine cold storage follows design norms and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Vaccine Storage: At 0℃~8℃, it can be used to store vaccines, medicines, etc.

Medicine Storage: At 2℃~8℃, it can be used to store medicine, biological products, etc.

Blood Storage: At 5℃~1℃, it can be used to store blood, pharmaceutical and biological products, etc.

Low-temperature-maintaining Storage: At -20℃~-30℃, it can store blood plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, etc.

Ultra-low-temperature-maintaining Storage: At -30℃~-80℃, it can be used to store placenta, semen, stem cells, blood plasma, bone marrow, biological samples, etc.

CASGYW'S Medicine Cold Storage

CASGYW'S Medicine Cold Storage

CASGYW'S Medicine Cold Storage

CASGYW'S Medicine Cold Storage