The demand for the use of advanced HVAC systems is growing due to technological advances and energy efficient cooling systems. The use of screw coolers is one of the preferred types of compressors to be installed in high-rise buildings or industries for cooling purposes. There are many screw chiller manufacturers offering specialist services. They can fix screw compressors to your building requirements and can carry out maintenance work. Screw chillers can offer many benefits to both domestic and commercial customers.

Water-Cooled Screw Chiller is a lifelong investment with its energy-saving operations. It isn’t only equipped with a high-quality copper tube condenser but also an evaporator. As the name says it adopts the usage of water for cooling purposes hence water-cooled. No chiller can compete with its wide temperature range. Consumers can not only use it as a single compressor but also a multi compressor system.

1. Takes up very little space

Very little space is usually required to install them in commercial and residential buildings. Compressors are the main bulk equipment and they have far fewer electronic control boxes. The main conveyors for pipes and water take up much less space than the pipes in air conditioning.

2. Effective cooling

Screw chillers operate most efficiently according to the capacity of the building and will never over-cool your internal environment or internal building space. The source of the coolant is water, which provides more efficient cooling compared to air.

Water-Cooled Screw Chiller

3. Energy efficiency

When using spiral coolers they are more energy efficient than any other technology in cooling/heating/cooling equipment. This is because they control the optimum level of cooling and do not overcool according to the capacity of the building. They consume less energy due to the type of compressor and its mechanism.

4. Extremely low noise level

Water is the main source of water inside the compressor of a screw-type refrigeration machine. The presence of water inside the compressor completely reduces the impact of vibrations in the unit. This is a natural art and the screw chillers function without generating much noise in short or long term operation. The electric motor and screw operate with less noise, so that the noise of the compressor does not emanate from the outside of the unit where it is installed.

5. Reduced maintenance

The screw chiller compressor has few spare parts and can be operated efficiently over a long period of time. Both mechanical aspects reduce maintenance and you can call your service provider for regular chiller checks.

6. Excellent for High-rise Building

For HVAC, high-rise buildings that may be used for commercial or residential purposes always consider cooling efficiency and energy savings as well as the reliability of the chillers. Spiral chillers are the best cooling system to install in high-rise buildings, allowing the best water-based cooling system to be utilised. The use of piping saves space in your building and is ideal for connecting the entire building.

7. Long-term optimum compressor

When installing screw coolers, you can use them for a long time without any disturbance. Screw compressors are highly efficient and run for long periods without causing problems. If necessary, you can change the size and capacity and use the services offered by the chiller manufacturer to assemble and install them for you.

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