Cold Storage Project for Food Factory Raw Material Storage, Henan Province, China

Location Famous brand food factory in Luohe city, Henan Province, China
Customer Requirements Three cold storages, storage temperatures are -5℃, -15℃, 0℃ respectively. The net height of the warehouse is 7.5m and the humidity is required to be less than 45%
Construction Area 5000 square meters
Project Duration 25 days
Temperature Control The temperature and other parameters can be set according to the process to achieve full intelligent control. With the recording functionalities, the temperature curve can be recorded and historical data can be exported
Refrigerating Mode Fan, using the suspended ceiling side blowing air cooler, the form of defrosting is water rinsing.
Refrigeration Unit Brand BITZER
Storage Door Rack drive electric sliding door
Storage Panel Duplex stainless steel panel
Core Material High density flame-retardant and environmental friendly polyurethane
Cold Storage Project for Food Factory

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