If you want your water chiller to last, proper ongoing maintenance is imperative, and here are some tips on what to do:

– Inspect and clean the condenser coils.

Heat transfer affects the chiller systems, thus a routine inspection, and cleaning of the condenser coils for clogging and free air passage is crucial.

– Maintain refrigerant charge.

A chiller’s cooling quotient depends on proper refrigerant levels in the system. Maintaining a proper refrigerant charge may outstandingly impact energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs by almost 5-10%.

– Maintain condenser water.

Condenser water must maintain proper water flow as designed. Debris such as sand, erosive solids, or contamination materials may affect the condenser’s water loop. Fouling or scaling can inhibit water flow and negatively impact the chiller.

Water Chiller

What Water Chiller Should You Choose for Your Business

There are many types of water chillers which you can use for your business, such as centrifugal chillers, screw chillers, reciprocating chillers, or absorption chillers.

The centrifugal chiller uses the vapor compression cycle. It cools the water and eliminates the heat gathered from the chilled water. The screwdriver chiller uses a screw-driven compressor, as it drives in refrigerant gas and its potential governs the potential of the chiller.

The reciprocating chiller works with reciprocating compressors. They deliver small amounts of the refrigerant at big pressure, while the absorption chiller makes use of the heat source to foster chilled water without an electrical source.

The best water chiller for your business depends on what you are manufacturing, or how many workers you wish to provide a good ambiance for. In order to choose the right type of water chiller, we recommend you to consult with our specialists.

The above information is provided by water chiller manufacturers.

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