In the refrigeration system of industrial water chiller, compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttle device are the important 4 parts. The condensing unit comes from exothermic tools, which move the heat absorbed by the evaporator and the heat transformed by the compressor to the cooling tool to take away. It plays a crucial role in the refrigeration system. As soon as its performance declines, it will directly influence the refrigeration ability of the chiller. In order not to reduce the performance of the condenser, the condenser should be routinely kept.

The condensers made use of in little refrigeration equipment are mostly air-cooled condensers as well as water-cooled condensers. According to various types of condensers, the method to clean is additionally different. Here are two commonly made use of condenser maintenance techniques:

1. Air-cooled condenser uses air as the cooling medium. Since there is dust in the air, dust will affix to the external surface area of the fins of the condenser, after a long time, the cooling impact of the condenser will certainly lower, specifically in a bad environment. Therefore the condenser should be frequently cleaned up. Cleaning up technique: basic dirt can make use of compressor air to tidy, if with more trash, use the non-harsh cleaner as well clean tube and fin, to accomplish the purpose of boosting heat dissipation effect.

2, For water-cooled condenser, primarily to get rid of the incrustation. Cleaning up frequency depends upon water quality, poor quality water (mountain river, deep phreatic water) will be cleaned a minimum of yearly; good quality water can be washed once in 2 ~ 3years.

Use acid to clean small water-cooled chillers geared up with a tube kind water-cooled condenser. Certain methods are: remove the condenser, discharge water, and after that inject 10% thin down sulfuric acid solution till the water outlet drains of remedy. After the remaining 20 ~ 30min in the condenser, the thin down sulfuric acid can be launched. So repeat 2 or three times. Ultimately, install attaching pipeline of cooling down water pipe and condenser, open cooling water shutoff to flush 10 ~ 20min.

The information is provided by refrigeration unit manufacturer.

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