Condensers are susceptible to the formation of scale in pipes after prolonged use. If not disposed of in a timely manner, the scale will affect the heat exchange effect and lead to an increase in the condensing temperature, which in turn will reduce the cooling capacity and increase the power consumption of the unit, as shown in the figure below. Therefore, the condenser should be cleaned regularly. Condenser suppliers teach people how to prevent and remove scale from condensers.

Mechanical descaling

Mechanical descaling is a method of descaling the condenser of a steel cooling tube with a flexible shaft pipe washer, especially suitable for vertical shell and tube condenser.

Operation method

1.Remove the refrigerant from the condenser. 

2. Close all the valves connected between the condenser and the refrigeration system.

3. The cooling water supply of the condenser is normal. 

4. Use the bevel gear scraper connected with the flexible shaft pipe washer to scrape and remove the scale from top to bottom in the riser tube of the condenser, and use the circulating cooling water to cool down the heat generated by the friction between the scraper and the tube wall, and at the same time wash down the scale, rust and other dirt into the sink.

In the descaling process, according to the thickness of condenser scaling and the degree of corrosion of the tube wall and the length of the years of use to determine the appropriate diameter of the hob, but in the first scaling hob diameter chosen over the cooling tube diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter to prevent damage to the tube wall, and then choose and cooling tube diameter close to the hob for the second scaling, the two times scaling can remove more than 95% of the condenser scale and rust.

This mechanical descaling method is the use of umbrella gear hob in the cooling tube hob rotation and vibration in the process of rotating into the knife, the condenser cooling tube of scale and rust removed, to be scaled after the end of the condensate tank of all the water pumped out from the bottom of the pool to remove down the scale, rust and other dirt cleaned, and refill the water.

2.Chemical pickling and descaling

Clean the condenser with a prepared weak acid descaling agent, make the scale fall off, and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser.

Operation method

1. Prepare the descaling solution in the pickling tank, start the pickling pump, and make the descaling agent solution circulate in the condenser condensing tube for 24 hours, under normal circumstances, the scale is removed after 24 hours.

2. After stopping the pickling pump, use a round steel brush to brush back and forth in the condenser tube wall, and rinse off the scale and rust with water.

3) Repeatedly wash the residual descaling agent solution in the tube with clean water until it is completely clean. The chemical pickling and descaling method are applicable to both vertical and horizontal shell and tube condensers.

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