Air-cooled screw-type low-temperature water chiller, glycol chiller has a compact structure and stable operation: the condenser and dry evaporator of the unit use high-efficiency heat transfer tubes, and the host adopts imported high-efficiency semi-closed twin-screw compressor with structure compact, small size, lightweight, small installation location and many other advantages. The semi-closed twin-screw compressor has few moving parts. The compressor uses 5:6 ultra-efficient screw rotors. There is no direct wear between the rotors and high reliability. Because the screw machine is a continuous compressor without pulsation, the unit has the characteristics of stable performance, low noise, low vibration, and smooth operation. Compared with the reciprocating compressor, the efficiency is increased by 20%-30%;

Perfect energy control system: The unit has a four-level capacity control system, energy regulation: [100, 75, 50, 25 (or start, 0%)], according to the load changes, adjust the unit start and stop, more energy saving. During operation, the computer control system will change the energy output of the unit according to the changes in the client’s thermal load. The microcomputer quickly judges the energy required to send a signal to push the spool by monitoring the difference between the actual load measured and the user’s setting. And in multiple systems, working in an optimized way with the least power consumption at the best cooling output, not only shows excellent performance at full load but also has high operating efficiency even at part load;

Air-cooled screw chiller refrigeration cycle system: The large-capacity unit has two or more independent refrigeration circuits, even if one circuit fails/maintains, the other circuit can operate normally. It has a backup function, which is particularly suitable for use in industrial non-stop environments;

Air-cooled Screw Chillers

The operation is simple and intuitive: the unit adopts a microcomputer programmable logic controller, which is displayed on the touch screen. According to the menu selection on the screen, directly touch the display button on the screen with your finger to start the unit. The screen can display the running state of the unit at any time, and can be displayed in two ways of graphics and text table parameters, at a glance;

The protection function of the microcomputer controller: protection of the compressor coil temperature is too high, oil preheating timer switch, cold water flow switch, cold water outlet temperature too low protection, Y-△ start failure protection, exhaust temperature too high protection, compression Overload protection, power failure memory function, frequent start and stop protection, abnormal voltage protection, low oil level protection, high and low voltage protection, and other protection functions;

Multiple protections, safe and reliable: In addition to the compressor’s internal protection module providing over-under pressure, phase loss, overload, and other functions to protect the compressor, the refrigeration system pressure control and other devices can make the unit work foolproof;

Freezing medium: The unit uses ethylene glycol antifreeze, or it can be designed to use brine as antifreeze according to user requirements.

The above information is provided by the refrigeration system manufacturer.

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