For refrigeration compressor, its cooling capacity and power consumption is proportional, usually low temperature compressor is not suitable for pulling high temperature load, high temperature compressor is also not suitable for pulling low load, the two are not universal. Low temperature compressor supplier will analyze the principle for everyone you will understand more clearly.

1.High-temperature compressors and low-temperature compressors can not be used together

We need to understand a point of knowledge, the greater the refrigeration capacity of the compressor, the greater its power consumption, the smaller the refrigeration capacity, the less power it consumes. So in the case of a certain amount of compressor gas delivery, the low-temperature compressor with the motor is usually smaller; the high-temperature compressor with the motor is usually larger.

For the fully or semi-hermetic compressor, the motor of the compressor is built in, so it is said that a certain amount of refrigerant is needed to cool the motor for heat dissipation, the larger the motor is, the larger the flow of refrigerant cooling is needed; the smaller the motor is, the smaller the flow of refrigerant cooling is needed.

When using low temperature compressor to pull high temperature load, because the low temperature compressor with the motor is usually small, and the high temperature load needs a larger cooling capacity, that is, the demand for motor is also larger, and using a small motor to pull a large load, there will be a small horse-drawn car, and if this is the case for a long time, it will cause the compressor to over-current protection or even coil burn off.

On the contrary, when the high temperature compressor pulls the low temperature storage, because the high temperature compressor with a large motor, and the low temperature storage consumption is relatively small, that is, the motor needed should also be relatively small, and with a large motor to pull the small load will appear big horse-drawn car, because the load is small, that is, the refrigerant cooling flow is small, the refrigerant mass flow rate is also relatively small, may cause too small refrigerant cooling flow is not enough to cool the large motor, so it will cause the motor overheating protection, long-term, it may also cause the compressor coil to burn off.

To sum up, usually low temperature compressors are not suitable for pulling high temperature load, high temperature compressors are not suitable for pulling low load, for this reason. And open compressor is not exactly so, except that there may be electricity, or not economic, but, with the words, there may still be used, but the small horse-drawn car can not last long.

2. Compressor solution

If the equipment has been put into use, or the temperature range of the evaporator is wide, how to solve it?

When a low temperature compressor is used to pull a high temperature reservoir. It is recommended to use the expansion valve of MOP or limit the evaporating pressure of the compressor. That is, no matter how big the end evaporator load, the compressor just works within its suitable working condition, that is to say, regardless of the evaporator temperature, the evaporating temperature of the compressor can not be too high, exceeding the range of the compressor.

When using high temperature compressor to pull low temperature cold storage. It is recommended to add liquid spraying device, that is, extra introduction of refrigerant liquid to cool the motor of the compressor, so as to prevent the motor of the compressor from overheating.

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