The advantage of installing a Controlled Atmosphere cold room system is to manage the ambient of the warehouse and reduce the oxygen level. The system will also be responsible for increasing the carbon dioxide levels to ensure that your products are fresh and suitable for consumption. It is very effective in preserving agricultural products if it is properly designed, built and installed by a reputable company.

This system will be very helpful to preserve vegetables and fruits. The system will reduce the quick ripening of fruits by reducing the level of oxygen that will be dispatched within the warehouse.

Controlled Atmosphere Cold Rooms

Another incredible advantage of a Controlled Atmosphere system is the fact that your vegetable and fruits will remain fresh without using any chemicals. Other benefits of a controlled atmosphere cold room are;

● Your agricultural products remain fresh and eatable

● You can store your agricultural products and meat for a long time

● It saves you cost and other overheads

● If you have a well-controlled atmosphere cold room, there may be no need to build different cold rooms for your products

● This is helpful if you are not interested in storing your products for a very long time

● The cost of building a controlled atmosphere cold storage system is far less than building a cold room

● They consume lesser energy compared to other cold storage facilities

If you need the perfect Controlled Atmosphere system built for your business, you contact us immediately.

We provide services such as;

● The installation of atmosphere control equipment like Nitrogen generators and so on

● Design and build gas-tight rooms and doors

● Controlled cooling systems

● Build and install compressors

● Build and install panels

● We carry out regular maintenance on controlled atmosphere cold storage systems

● Design and fabrication

● Refurbish controlled atmosphere cold rooms

Some of the reasons why most clients hire us to build there controlled atmosphere cold rooms are because we;

● Build all our systems in accordance with the best industry practices

● Our systems consume less energy and perform at the optimal levels

● Produce modern systems that are controlled with knobs and remotes

● Build systems that produce little or no sound

● Our prices are affordable

● We have a team of experts that have vast knowledge about these systems

You can contact our consultants who will enlighten you on the type of controlled atmosphere cold room that will be suitable for your business. Our hotlines are always available.

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