Seafood needs to be stored in a suitable environment to keep their nutritious values intact. The most common seafood is fish. Apart from other methods of preserving seafood, storing in a cold room remains the best method of preservation. Blast cold rooms are more suitable for preserving seafood and other related products.

The best temperature to store your fish is -4°F (-20°C). The temperature will keep your fish preserved and suitable for consumption for a long time. It will be suitable to prepare sushi, sashimi or any other fish delicacy. However, if you buy in large quantity, the best place to save your fish is in a blast freezer. This will allow cool air to circulate the fish and keep it fresh.

Fish Storage and Blast Freezing

While storing your fish and other related products in a cold room, it is advisable to do the following;

● Wash the fish properly before you store in your blast freezer

● If the fish will be eaten soon, the right temperature to store your fish is 4.4°C (40°C)

● Place an absorbent under the fish to allow you clean drips easily

● If the fish is cooked, store in a covered plastic or stainless container

● Adding preservatives may not be necessary if you have a good cold room

● Don’t allow the cold room doors to be open for too long

● Remember to always remove the old products first before the new ones

● Don’t touch the food items with your bare hands to avoid contamination

Our firm manufactures blast freezers that function at optimal capacity. Our team of experts design and build frozen fish storage warehouses of any size for our clients. We make use of modern innovations and the best system optimization to build our cold room systems. We use high-quality panels and compressor to manufacture and install our cold room.

Some of the factors that you should consider while purchasing a cold room for your seafood products are;

● Freezing period

● Defrosting time frame

● Period of storage

● Dehydration protection

● Timeframe for storing the products

● Energy consumption

You can contact us for the following services;

● Flake ice machines

● Refrigerators for spiral freezers

● The building of blast freezing tunnels

● Frozen stores

The interesting thing about working with us is the price of our products. You will get a high-quality product at an affordable price. Try us and see!

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