Seafood and Meat Freezer Room

GYW is Cold Room Supplier In China. Cold Room for Fish, (seafood)/ Meat Industry

We supply Blast Freezer/ Cold Room for your Fish, (seafood) /Meat Industry

Any fresh fish or sea food needs very strict storage requirement as there is a high risk of rapid bacterial growth which can waste the storage. The main requirement is keeping temperature close to -2℃ also it needs to keep separate from all other type of food stored. Fish / sea food which needs to be imported or need to travelled a long distance normally been kept cold using gel packs or coolers, once arrived it needs to be kept in to cold storage as soon as possible at the correct temperature till the use. It means you need a cold room  which can maintain appropriate temperature of -2℃for fish. To prevent contact with any other food product fish needs its own dedicated space. This can be done by creating dedicated fish cabinet in cold room or self contained storage space within regular cold room storage.

Seafood and Meat Freezer Room
food and Meat Freezer Room

Foodstuff must be stored properly or else they will get ruined. Effective storage of foodstuff is very important to avoid huge losses. The only way to keep your food items fresh is to purchase a high-quality frozen storage cold room. We don’t just build freezers; we also manufacture the best-frozen food storage warehouses.

The required temperature to store frozen food is –18°C (0°F) or lower. Anything higher than this, the food will get discolored and will lose valuable nutrients. Unfortunately, reducing the temperature of the storage facility after it has risen more than –18°C (0°F) will not cure the damage that has already been done.

To avoid loses; why not engage the services of a reputable cold room firm?

Our services also include maintenance, renovation, modernization and system optimization of these warehouses. You can contact us for your frozen storage warehouse needs and we will be ready to help. Our prices are affordable compared to other companies. A quality frozen food storage warehouse will;

● Ensure that the nutritive values of your food items are intact

● Reduce the use of preservatives

● Reduce impending loses

● Save your food items to suitable conditions of up to -18 ºC

● Fresh and ready to cook

When storing your frozen foods, there certain factors that you must bear in mind;

● Wrap the frozen food and store in your cold room. When the food item is wrapped, it has a long freezer shelf lifespan

● Food items that are not properly wrapped will develop freezer burn. This will reduce the food items moisture and thereby affecting the texture and flavor. Whenever you notice a white or grey spot on the surface of your food item, then it is experiencing freezer burn. Meat is prone to freezer burn than any foodstuff

● The best way to store your frozen food items is to rotate the stock. Rotating your frozen food stock is very important. It will save cost and reduce the stress of looking for old stock. Rotation means using your previous stock first and storing the new one. Apply the first in and first out rule (FIFO)

Other frozen food warehouse services we offer are;

● Product blast freezing tunnels

● Pre-cooling rooms

● Production of air conditioning systems

● Customized frozen food systems

● Designing cold rooms to meet European standards

● Plate freezers

● Building refrigerators for IQF and spiral freezers

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