Low Air Dual Throw Unit Cooler for Flight Kitchen

Low Air Dual Throw Unit Cooler

These evaporators are designed for food processing areas which require controlled temperatures and comfort cooling.


Low Air Throw (High & Medium Temperature): 2.2kW ~ 19.2kW Dual Throw(High & Medium Temperature): 4.4kW ~ 38.4kW

Effective Air Throw : 12m ~ 14m

Noise Level: 49dB(A) to 52dB(A) at 1 meter

Application Area:

Flight Kitchen, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics,Food Processing

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Application Area:

1、Flight Kitchen


Eden cool solutions provided efficient services for the storage and quick-freezing of aviation catering, bringing freshness throughout the long journeys.



In addition to meeting the basic temperature requirements for freezing and cold storage, Eden’s all-round cool solutions also adheres to the advantages of energy saving and environmentally friendly. Thus, fulfilling customer’s interest and improving the economic efficiency for enterprises.



A stable, efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly cooling solution is not only a guarantee of a high-end hotel’s comfort and reputation, but also saves them a huge operational cost. Hence, Eden has become a loyal partner of many five-star hotels.



The temperature fluctuations throughout the refrigerated transportation process cause degradation of food quality. Eden has helped customers to complete their high quality transportation and distribution at a reduced cost and being environmentally


5、Food Processing

Eden fully considered various food processing environments and adopted low-noise processing technology, which can effectively reduce the noise generated by the operation of refrigeration equipment. Thus, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment for enterprise.





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