Vegetable cold storage often used in life

Cold storage for Vegetables


Vegetable cold rooms refers to the cold storage used for fruit preservation, which can reduce the incidence of pathogens and rot rate of fruits through low temperature, and slow down the metabolic process of Vegetables, so as to prevent decay and prolong storage.

The choice of temperature should be paid great attention to when fruit and vegetable are kept fresh in cold storage. The temperature range of vegetables ranges from +0℃ to +15℃ degrees. Different fruits are stored differently. Low temperature is very easy to cause frostbite.

Advantages of vegetable cold storage

1. Suitable for all kinds of temperature to inhibit microbial and enzyme activity, reduce the incidence of pathogens and fruit decay rate,

2. It can slow down the process of respiration and metabolism of vegetables so as to prolong the storage period.

3. The construction of vegetable cold storage can guarantee the quality of vegetable

Common Vegetables

Item Name Cabbage Onion Carrots Potatoes
humidity 90-95% 70% 90-95% 90-95%
Storage Temperature 0~1℃ 0.8℃ -1.4℃ 3.5-4.5℃
Freezing point -0.5℃ 0℃ -0.49 1℃
Storage period(Mont) 1-3month 3-5month 5-7month 90days

Application:The temperature range of vegetable storage is from +8℃ to 0℃

Model External dimension Floor space  (M2) Tem ℃ Equipment     Model Door Size
ZKGY-4K 2200x2200x2000mm(H) 4.8 +8℃ to 0℃ BE2HP-GH/DD15 Customized Any door sizeDoor way openDoor type
ZKGY-15K 2400x3000x2200mm(H) 7.2
ZKGY-20K 2400x4200x2200mm(H) 10
ZKGY-30K 3000x5000x2200mm(H) 15 BE2HP-GH/DD15
ZKGY-50K 4500x4500x2800mm(H) 20 BE5HP-GH/DD30
ZKGY-70K 5000x5000x2800mm(H) 25 BE5HP-GH/DD30
ZKGY-100K 7000x7000x2800mm(H) 49 BE10HP-GH/DD100
ZKGY-200K 8000x10000x3200mm(H) 80 BE10HP-GH/DD100

All the cold room used for fresh vegetables and fruits. Also kindly for fresh fish, meat.

Any size of the cold room can be customized according to customer needs.

We focus on Custom. but not selling standard size.

Cold room structure

CASGYW cold room consists of cold room panel (PU sandwich panel), cold room door, condensing unit, evaporator (air cooler),temperature controller, air curtain, copper pipe, expansion valve and other refrigeration fittings.

Cold room structure

Cold room structure

Cold room applications

Cold room is widely used in food industry, medical industry, and other related industries.
In food industry, cold room is usually used in food process factory, slaughterhouse, fruit and vegetable
warehouse,supermarket,hotel, restaurant, etc.
In medical industry, cold room is usually used in hospital, pharmaceutical factory, blood center, gene center, etc.
Other related industries, such as chemical factory, laboratory, logistics center, they also need cold room.
Cold room applications

Cold room applications

Design principle

In cold room projects, the following factors should be fully considered:

Design principle

1.What is the application of the cold room?
It will affect the temperature of cold room needed to be, and the choice of thickness of pu panel and material covered on panel.
2.What is the size of the cold room?
It will affect the choice of condensing unit and air cooler, basing on the cold room temperature.
3.Which country will the cold room be located in? How about the climate?
It will affect the choice of voltage and condenser, if the temperature is high all the year, we need to choose condenser with bigger evaporation area.
Application for example
 Room Temperature
Fruit & Vegetable
-5 to 10 ℃
Chemical factory,medicine
0 to 5 ℃
Ice cream, ice storage room
-10 to -5 ℃
Frozen meat storage
-25 to -18 ℃
Fresh meat storage
-40 to -30 ℃

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