Water Cooled Chiller

Water cooled chillers are mainly used in cold storage. It can be used in combination with various types of compressors such as scrolls and screws according to user needs. The product can provide various temperatures and cooling capacity required for fresh-keeping, refrigeration and freezing, and is widely used in various industries.

1) The unit has compact structure, excellent performance and reliable quality

2) The air-cooled unit is equipped with large-blade fans and low-speed axial fans, which have the characteristics of large air volume, low noise and small number of fans

3) The water-cooled unit adopts advanced high-heat flow condenser tube, pressure-resistant seamless steel pipe, end plate, end cover and other high-efficiency shell and tube condenser, which is reliable in quality and excellent in performance.

4) The evaporative cooling unit adopts full heat exchange cooling, with good heat exchange effect and high energy efficiency ratio of the unit.

water cooled chiller

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