Our environment is currently facing some climatic changes as a result of global warming. Therefore the search for other effective means of food preservation and conservation is on.In this regard, a walk-in cold room may end up becoming the best remedy to this problem. It will help you store your meat and vegetables with less consumption of energy.With a Walk-in cold room;

. You can regulate the racks to be arranged the way you want it

· You can store a large quantity of various food and vegetable

· The compact nature of a Walk-in cold room makes it perfect for managing products and reducing wastage

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Ice pre-cooling is to absorb the heat of fruits and vegetables through the melting of ice to cool the fruits and vegetables. It includes putting ice in the packing box or tray, or covering the tray with ice. This cooling method is actually often used in transportation. The ice cooling method is suitable for products that are not easily damaged by contact with ice or products that require immediate pre-cooling in the field.


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2. Cold water pre-cooling Cold water pre-cooling is a cooling method that uses water as a medium. The fruits and vegetables are immersed in cold water or rinsed with cold water to achieve the purpose of cooling. There are two types of cooling water: low temperature water (usually around 0~3℃) and tap water. The former […]


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Fruits and vegetables still have a lot of field heat after being picked. This heat guides the critical growth and rapid aging of plants. This heat is also coordinated with the release of trace elements in the moisture exposed by the mechanical damage left by the picking or processing of vegetables and fruits. Accelerate the discoloration of fruits and vegetables, and coordinate with the moisture on the surface of fruits and vegetables to nourish a large number of fungi and quickly corrupt the body of fruits and vegetables.


Voltage, Frequency and Plug Type of Single Phases Electricity of the World

The following is a complete overview of the voltage and frequency of all countries in the world and their respective plugs, sockets and household appliances. The table shows that in most countries, the mains voltage is between 220 and 240 volts (50 or 60 Hz); the number of countries operating at 100-127 volts is particularly small. In addition, Type A and Type C are the most commonly used electrical plugs in the world.



The food cold storage mainly stores meat products, tea leaves, edible fungi, milk products, agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, cold drinks, ice cream, etc. The insulation boards of the food cold storage uses color steel, glass steel, stainless steel and other panels.

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For medicines with quality not preservable under room temperature conditions, refrigerating them at low temperature will retain their quality, keep them effective and extend their shelf life. The sheet material of the medicine cold storage uses modern high-tech flame-retardant insulation materials which has excellent airtightness. Casgy’s medicine cold storage follows design norms and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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Grain Cooling Unit

As less energy is needed to cool the grain to safe storage conditions compared to drying it, substantial quantities of energy can be saved, reducing the impact on global warming. Safe guarding storage conditions also reduces grain loss, which is a major benefit for the environment. The ZKGYLL Grain Cooling Unit also uses 80 percent […]


Tube in Tube Steam Heater

The condenser coil is similar to a evaporator coil. The difference between condenser and evaporator coil is reversed. When the refrigerant realese its heat, a fan blows the air through the condenser coil and heat is pass into the outdoor air.

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