The zkgyll food cold storage mainly stores meat products, tea leaves, edible fungi, milk products, agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, cold drinks, ice cream, etc. The insulation boards of the food cold storage uses color steel, glass steel, stainless steel and other panels. Insulation materials made of polyurethane are used for composite insulation boards manufactured using advanced technology. They are lightweight, has good insulation effect, easy to assemble and disassemble, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, mothproof and mold-resistant.

How are food cold storage constructions usually designed and planned?

First, we must understand that large food cold storages are made up of two major parts, the main building and the auxiliary buildings, which are divided into the cold deformation room, cold storage room, production auxiliary room, living auxiliary room and production connecting room according to different and specific food handling and storage conditions.

Secondly, the cold deformation room and cold storage room need to follow the design of the food production process flow and strive to achieve a transport route that is short and convenient and avoids roundabouts and intersections. The cold deformation room and cold storage room are designed based on the requirements of different food handling and storage conditions, which mainly include the cooling room, freezing room, refrigerated goods storage room, frozen goods storage room, icehouse, etc., and are equipped with different refrigeration equipment, etc.

Features and Advantages of Casgyw’s Food Cold Storage

1. Energy-saving thermal insulation and superior cold storage insulation performance allow fast cooling speeds, maintain temperature for a longer time and saves about 30%-40% energy compared to cold storages built with other materials.

2. Series compatibility. Warehouse plates of the food cold storage are produced according to the customer’s requirements. Through a combination of different sizes, cold storages with different specifications are provided for selection, giving users the benefit of making full use of the existing site and building space.

3. There are two types of products – indoor and outdoor, and we can design single room, double rooms, vestibules and multiple rooms. You can also choose between air coolers or calandria evaporators. Air-cooled refrigeration units may be installed in water scarce areas. If you don’t know what temperature is needed for food stored in your cold storage, you can inquire with us directly.


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