Introduce of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Precooling Technologies-2

1. Cold Air pre-cooling

Cold air pre-cooling is actually what we usually call cold storage, which makes cold air flow quickly around the product to cool it. Air cooling can be carried out in a low-temperature storage warehouse. The products are packed in boxes and stacked vertically and horizontally in the warehouse. There is a gap between the boxes. When the cold air circulates, it flows around the products to take away the heat.

This method is suitable for any kind of fruits and vegetables, and can be stored in the original warehouse without being transported after pre-cooling. However, the cooling speed of this method is slow, and it is difficult to meet the cooling requirements in a short time. Its advantage is low cost. If it is used as a pre-cooling method, its disadvantages are:

1. The cooling speed is slow.

2. The cooling temperature is uneven, and the surface of fruits and vegetables freezes much, and the internal temperature is difficult to drop.

3. The damage rate to fruits and vegetables is still very large, and it has no other effect except cooling.


The cold storage is divided into fresh-keeping storage and frozen storage. Frozen storage is an ultra-low temperature storage, which is not suitable for fruits and vegetables. The low temperature of the fresh-keeping warehouse is suitable for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables, so COLDMAX believes that cold storage is actually more suitable for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, rather than pre-cooling.

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