Copeland Scroll Compressor ZF Series

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ZF/ZFI series are Emerson Copeland low-temperature series scroll refrigeration compressors. The ZF series Copeland compressors use liquid injection technology to control the discharge temperature to achieve the expansion of the compressor’s operating range. The ZFI series Copeland compressors use air injection technology as well as a subcooler to ultimately improve the system’s cooling capacity as well as operating efficiency. As a professional Copeland compressor supplier, we have the ability to provide you with 100% genuine compressors. We have rich experience in shipping.

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General Details

Copeland Scroll have the advantage of light weight and compactness with small footprint, making them ideal for the usage in condensing units, compact refrigeration systems or special process units. Weight and dimensions for refrigeration equipment is reduced accordingly.

The scroll sets separate at the instant of compressor shutdown. This allows the scroll set internal pressures to equalize on compressor stops. In addition to this, the scroll sets are not engaged at the instant of starting. Scroll sets engage only after few milliseconds of startup. This allows easier startup of ZB scroll compressors. Due to this design feature, typically a start assist kit is not required even on single phase compressors.

A space age bearing material comprising of porous bronze with PTFE-lead overlay. These bearings are used in ZB scroll compressors in the scroll drive and main bearings. DU bearings work with exceptionally low friction between the load bearing surfaces. In addition, DU bearings can operate safely for a short time with loss of lubrication. This situations could happen on compressor applications due to oil pump out during a flooded start or heavy oil dilution after a defrost cycle.

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